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12 Haunted Places to Visit in San Francisco

Get into the spirit this season and visit some of the most haunted places in San Francisco. They’re creepy, they’re spooky, and they will all send a chill down your spine. Of course, most of these hauntings and ghost stories are just rumors. So, you will need to plan your trip and add these haunted places to visit in San Francisco to your list to confirm or deny the stories!


It goes without saying that one of the most haunted places to visit in San Francisco is Alcatraz. From the infamous inmates that used to call Alcatraz home to the things that happened inside its famed walls, Alcatraz has been known to give visitors a bit of a spook. Everything from voices being heard to footsteps following visitors (with no one behind them) there are plenty of ghostly feels at this iconic landmark.


Stow Lake and Golden Gate Park

One of the best-known ghostly sightings at Golden Gate Park is the “white lady” at Stow Lake. The story goes that more than 100 years ago a woman lost her baby in the lake and went in after it, only to not return. At night there have been reporting’s of her and her baby.

Neptune Society Columbarium

The large dome building has been used as a burial site since 1898 for people to house their loved ones’ ashes. There are claims of a small hand brushing up against visitors, as well as seeing the ghosts of a young girl whose ashes are buried within the building.

San Francisco Art Institute

Believed to be built atop a graveyard, the San Francisco Art Institute is said to be haunted with those buried below it. With reports of screams, footsteps, and ghostly sightings.

Sutro Baths

As one of the world’s largest indoor swimming pools in 1896, the Sutro Baths were a top travel destination for San Francisco travelers. Now after having burned down in 1966, all that seems to linger are its ghostly guests.


The Curran Theatre

Back in 1933, the ticket taker at the theatre was robbed and killed on-site. Today guests have reported seeing him lingering in the lobby, we think he’s just waiting to take your ticket.

Manrow House

The hauntings of the Manrow House began the first day the family moved in in 1851. The hauntings scared the owners so much so that they held a séance to get rid of the ghosts. But it only drew in more horrifying figures, dubbing this the “the house of demons.”

City Hall

San Francisco’s original city hall was burned down in the 1906 earthquake with its current structure built in 1915. Since then the city hall has seen its share of hauntings and disturbing events. One of which includes the assassination of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. Since then, people have reported hearing strange noises in the Hall when there doesn’t seem to anyone around.


The Queen Anne Hotel

Originally built in the 1890s at The Mary Lake School for Girls, the Queen Anne Hotel is a historic Victorian mansion that is said to be haunted by some of San Francisco’s friendliest ghosts. The headmistress of the school is said to still linger in room 410 with her picking up items that have fallen, tucking guests in at night, and helping guests unpack.


How could a National cemetery, historic buildings, and an old army base not be haunted? At The Presidio, sightings vary from ghostly figures and army men who still perform their routine duties on the ground. The Letterman Digital Arts Center is said to be the center for most of the paranormal activity on-site.


Chambers Mansion

Built in 1887, the Chambers Mansion is a Victorian-style home whose owner, once deceased, passed the house onto his nieces. The nieces did not get along, and soon to find one of them cut in half inside the house. Psychics have claimed that the ghost of the niece still roams the house, particularly blinking lights from the upstairs window.

The Whittier Mansion

Rumor is that the Whittier Mansion housed German spies during WWII. The ghosts of these German spies are believed to still roam the mansion to this day. Visitors have also said they have seen a bald butler roaming the hallways and the ghost of an old lady sitting in a chair.

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